[GSC] German Space Cowboys

Eine STFC Allianz auf Server 109

RoE explained

You're reading this because you have been involved in a situation where ROE ("Rules of Engagement") have not been clear. This link aims to solve that. Please scroll down to what option applies to you.

I disagree with the other person on what the ROE is
The ROE is different for each server of the game. You are on server EU-109. This means EU-109's ROE applies and not any found on the internet. A big difference is usually that all our UPC Miners are protected, even D.Vors, Botany Bays and North Stars, whereas no OPC Miner is protected [except in Token-Spaces].

The official ROE can always be found on this Discord server https://discord.gg/4krNCHUxqD and can be found below:

RoE - english
RoE - deutsch

The ROE gains its legitimacy from the agreement of the major alliances. Any changes are voted upon by all present alliances on the 109-Server. If your alliance is abandoned or its leader is not on the server, we recommend changing alliances.

I Don't know what ROE is
ROE stands for "Rules of Engagements", a set of rules agreed upon by the alliances of the server to enable more Fair play. It mostly protects mining but also protects Token-Spaces and Armada-Circles. You can always find the full current ROE on the 109-Discord-Server at https://discord.gg/4krNCHUxqD

Have a good flight.

[GSC] German Space Cowboys

We are a german speaking alliance playing after and enforcing the RoE. Feel free contact us if you are interested to join.